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Market research in Italy

Get to know your market and new customers by conducting a smart market research in Italy.  We will provide you an inside view on your potential Italian customers and what they are looking for. Learn where your target customers are, who your competitors are and what keywords are fundamental in your industry. Your chances of success are going to improve greatly by conducting a smart market research in Italy.

Market research in Italy

Market research in Italy

We offer to conduct the primary market research and the secondary market research. In the primary research we will research your potential new Italian client or potential target group and interact with them accordingly. This can be done by a group survey or an in-depth interview of a small group of people. In the secondary research, we will focus on research conducted by third parties. Example are public sources, commercial research or educational institutions. Based on these research on your specific niche we will summarize the most relevant results for your in the final smart market research.


"The crucial first step is the market research"

Let us help you to prepare your business expansion to Italy. The market research is the first and the most crucial step to begin your cross border expansion. Get a clear view of your industry demographics, customer needs, online meeting places, competitors, industry keywords and much more. Based on this information we create the best go-to-market strategy. Start your market entry flying and saving time and money doing it.

Did you know we are the official market researcher and speaker for the Dutch embassy in Italy? We are specialized in the topics of online markets and e-commerce developments in Italy. Recently we conducted a very interesting market research for them. The subject was business opportunities for companies within the Italian online landscape. On our home page you can find the link to download this research.

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