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Without speaking Italian!

Looking to expand online in Italy?

I would personal invite you to take part in this program. I created this program to share my experience and knowledge about the Italian market so you can become a strong online market player in Italy within months!

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"This was exactly what we were looking for"

“Great communication and very nice to work with Jurjen. He knows exactly what he is talking about and provided us with a full and detailed inside view in our market in Italy” – R. Mirck of The Retro Family

Why this program 'From E-commerce Zero to Hero in Italy' is a...


Let me be clear: entering a market that you don’t know and you don’t speak the language can be challenging. That is exactly what we do!

What the program is all about:

  • Learn all about your online niche market in Italy
  • Which keywords to use in Italy
  • Full translation of your online business
  • Five digital marketing campaigns
  • Handling returns efficiently
  • Dedicated local customer service
  • Full monthly reports
  • 12 Months premium support

Please note, only limited spots remaining!

Content Italian Hero Program

Who is Jurjen Hallegraeff?

Lend me your ear!

I would love to work with you and show you how I entered several online companies into the Italian online market successfully. This was not easy but it has shaped me into someone who has actually done what you are trying to do, and who can help you in your journey.

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My Story in Italy

Let me take you back when the support for business expansion and growth started, over 12 years ago. When I graduated from a University in The Netherlands I moved to Milan, Italy. I thought I was totally ready to start working right away and experience some interesting international things because of my study and my knowledge of several languages.

"A Ferrari without wheels"

Well, I knew a bit of Italian but not enough communicate at a business level. I met the man who would become my employer and mentor. After our first meeting (without looking at my resume!) he said to me; “You are a Ferrari without wheels’’. With this metaphor he meant that I knew everything the University had taught me and knew Dutch, English and a bit of German and Italian. But to work at a business level my Italian was by far not good enough. That is why he used the metaphor of a Ferrari: top quality and fast but without wheels you can’t go anywhere.

At first I didn’t agree with him but fortunately I didn’t say that at that moment. He had a small job available in the warehouse and logistics department and gave that to me. He saw my potential but also that I was not ready yet. I accepted and so my international business experience started. In the following years I grew a lot, made new friends and contacts and started several international businesses.

I struggled, persevered and discovered what Italians are looking for online, what their behaviour is and which approach works best. All based on that first job and that first metaphor: You are a Ferrari without wheels. All the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years I would now like to share with you.

Please, use my experience and don’t loose your valuable time learning similar lessons before you will start seeing results. This launch program offers all you need, and more! The value for money is insanely good. Join now as we can only handle a few customers each month.


And You Are On Your Way To Become An Online Hero In Italy

SEM SEO International Partner Service

1. Enroll

Schedule a call, receive your information and get started with your expansion to Italy

Retargeting Marketing Partner Service Italy

2. Implement

Prepare for the launch by translating your online activities, training and more.

PR Public Relations Italy

3. Launch

Launch your online business, marketing campaigns and start selling in Italy.

What You Get In The Launch Program

The program with the biggest value you will ever see!!!

Ecommerce and digital marketing expansion

Niche Specific Market Research (€2,950.00 Value)

To understand your new online market we will do a research of the Italian market in general and also zoom in to your specific niche. We will investigate and present to you the current players within the market, competitors, branch organisations and magazines. Moreover, we will provide you with a full guideline of the Italian customers online behaviour. After reading this research you will understand the Italian market and your new online customer perfectly.

Analyze to grow in Italy

Keyword Research (€875.00 Value)

With the personalized keyword research we will translate, investigate and present to you the most important keywords for your online activities in Italy. This research will be based on your input, our research for synonyms, variations, speaking language, competitors use of keywords, reading related blogs and articles within your business niche. After this you will have a list of 20 – 30 keywords optimized for your online business in Italy.

Customer comments on businesses

Quality Translations (€4,500.00 Value)

We will take care of the translations for your website optimized by the keyword research and our experienced copywriters. We upload this directly into your online store provided by you. Included are meta texts, product descriptions, banners, promotions and other short translations so you don’t have to worry about any of this.

Popular market places

Digital Marketing (€3,990.00 Value)

This includes a full setup, execution and finetuning of up to five digital marketing campaigns directed at brand awareness, re-marketing campaigns and/or optimizing online sales during a period of 12 months. We will translate your current banners and graphics, prepare and launch the campaigns. While the campaigns run we will continuously monitor the results and optimize the campaign accordingly. The results of these campaigns will be presented in the full monthly report.

Home delivery in Italy

Handling Returns (€1,950.00 Value)

We will take care of the returns for you. Based on the average return rates of 5 – 10% we will handle the returns internally or in collaboration with our partner warehouse. We will take care of the information process to the customer, the contact process with the customer, organise the shipment and handling of the return, either refund or replacement. All the return information will be presented in the monthly report.

Business consultancy and support

Local Customer Service (€6,220.00 Value)

This is a major segment in your journey to enter the online Italian market without having to speak Italian. We will take care of the customer services for you by answering the phone and responding to emails and social media messages. Our team consists of native speaking Italians, who are located in Milan and ready to support you. At the start of your journey we will plan an in-house training for our staff so they can get familiar with your business, back-office and systems. In this way they will be able to help the customer the directly and save you a lot of time.

Analyze to grow in Italy

Monthly Reports & Premium Support (€5,495.00 Value)

We will gather and present all the information about your online business in Italy in a full monthly report. Included are the quantity of website visitors, acquisition rate, digital marketing and social media performance, the number of orders, returns and customer service contacts and much more. At the end of the report we will add suggestions to improve your online business. Moreover, you will receive 12 months of premium support on our services. We are here to support you to become an online here on Italy.

Total Value Of... € 26,780.00


That is just € 4,875.00 for the first six months. After that we will charge you the 9% on the turnover you generate in Italy.

***We Perform Guarantee***
We charge you the 9% on the total turnover in Italy ONLY when your sales are over €40,000.00 per month. Otherwise, our service from the 6th month up to the 12th month is totally FREE!

"I have to commend you for this excellent research"

“The e-commerce market research conducted by Jurjen Hallegraeff gives a very good overview of the market, gives great measurable opportunities and we are very grateful for it” – J. Verboom – Consul General Milan Italy during the Business Day Italy 2021.

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"This is exactly what we we need"

“Great communication and very nice to work with Jurjen. He knows exactly what he is talking about and provided us with a full and detailed inside view in our market in Italy” – R. Mirck of The Retro Family

Review Business Expansion Retro Family
Expert Embassy Of The Netherlands NL
Jurjen Hallegraeff


I have been exactly where you are now.

Why should you work with me and not do it yourself or hire some else?

That is a fair question. My answer would be that I have been where you are now, I have done what you are trying to do. I have expanded six online businesses into the Italian market successfully by my own and helped over 25 companies do the same. I love helping people and companies to enter Italy as this is a real passion for me what get’s my heart pumping, especially when we are able to create a sustainable and long term success.

In other words: I know what you need as a business to expand successfully to Italy right now!

  • Over the years I expanded six companies to Italy successfully all by myself
  • I supported over 25 business expansions to Italy successfully
  • I have over 12 years of experience within the Italian online market
  • I’m an official researcher and expert speaker for the Dutch embassy in Italy

Ready To Become an Hero in Italy?


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