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Online marketing expansion

Online business and marketing expansion is one of the most common first step to expand a business. Before choosing to open a physical store, office or organize a warehouse, the online expansion is a good and prove choice to start with. Nowadays international expansion is made very easy by good Internet access, reliable partners and trustworthy couriers. Imagine you can operate your business from your current location and deal with it from there. This is possible with online expansion. There are several ways to expand business online, the most common market entry strategies are ecommerce expansion and digital marketing expansion.

E-commerce expansion international Italy

1. E-commerce expansion to Italy

Do you have a successful e-commerce business and you considering expanding to Italy? We can tell you how to go about it. Our company has over twelve years of international market experience and in Italy. We have grown to be market experts in doing business with final consumes, B2B, suppliers, couries, warehouses, translators and many more. We can tell you all about the do’s and don’ts, the cultural corporate differences and the most important things you need to know about the e-commerce market expansion to Italy.

Here are some exmaples:
Online Italian costumers can doubt for a long time, and will return several times before making a final online purchase. There is a greater need for personal contact using telephone, chat or email. And lastly: when offering several methods of payments there should be at least an option for bank transfer and also cash payment on delivery. These are just a few of the aspect that should be taken into consideration when starting a successful e-commerce business in Italy.

Business consultancy and support

Personal contact

The Italian ecommerce customer likes personal contact. This can be over phone, mail or chat.

Popular market places

Popular marketplaces

Know what local marketplaces to go to, be visible and find your target group quick and efficiently.

PayPal payments business expansion

Local payment methods

Know which local payment methods are popular. Bank transfer and COD are still requested.

Did you know that we can also help you expand your visibility? We support banner placements at forums, creating valuable backlinks and investigate ‘must go to’ marketplaces and magazines in your consumer market. Imagine the possibilities of your own strong business points combined with inner market information and e-commerce know-how. Before starting we need to conduct a full market research in Italy. Based on this research and new entry strategy into Italy we can provide you with a flying start for your e-commerce business expansion in Italy.

2. Digital marketing expansion

Digital marketing is also a great way to expand in Italy. There are many possibilities, such as opening social media channels dedicated to the Italian market or opening a brand identity website to present yourself and your business. Make sure you are visible to your customers in the way you want to present yourself online.

Digital marketing market entry Italy

We have extended experience in international marketing and the Italian online market. Including SEO, social media marketing, paid advertisements, content marketing, email marketing, blog writing, copywriting, organic social media and organic website traffic. Every country and every language has its own popular keywords, phrases and tone of voice. We have years of experience with international market entry strategies and can support you as needed.


"We help you expand to Italy in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing"

Imagine the success and strong points of your own business combined with our market expertise in Italy. Our inner market know-how, years of experience and correct translations will result in a great expansion! Our goal is to support you with a succesfull and long-term new market entry strategy to Italy.

Get started with your online expansion!