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Business consultancy in Italy

Are you finished with the market research and ready for action? Do you have a solid market entry strategy for Italy? Then it’s time for you to begin and make a successful entrance to the Italian market. We can assist you with in a variety of ways with our international business consultancy for expansion in Italy. Among other things they are:

  • Reliable business introductions
  • Bulk volume translations
  • Lower volume copywriting
  • Italian customer service
  • Long term support as needed
International business consultancy Italy

Business introductions

Culture differences can be interesting and at time hilarious. At international business meetings however, they are not to be underestimated. There can be very big differences in the hierarchy, the decision making process, the (lack of) punctuality, direct or indirect way of speaking and the use of polite language. A situation like ‘lost in translation’ can be very real as spoken English is not always common in Italy. A good first impression and understanding is essential during the first business meetings. The first meeting should function as the seeds for a fruitful colleboration for years to come.

With our business consultancy service we can be your Italian contact person here in Italy. We can make introductions for you and go to meetings. What makes it even more easy is the fact that we are already here in Italy.

Setting up a country office

Are you looking for support to set up a country office? We have valuable business contacts to open an office, we can propose several legal and accountancy firms and we speak the language naturally. Together we can make a cost overview, look for an office and conduct interviews for personal. In short, we can assist you in all necessary aspects to help you set up the country office. Contact us and we will discuss the best way we can support you with your expansion through our specialized business consultancy.

Business consultancy for country office Italy

Italian translations

When expanding to a new market it is important to know about the customers’s needs, habits, culture, actions and language. Every country is different. This is a big aspect when growing your business in a new market. The correct translations in copywriting and SEO should be used. When writing newsletters, blogs and social media the right language, inspiring tone and (in)formal language could make a big difference, in a good and a not-so-good way.

We are in direct contact with several experienced and international translation agencies that are able to translate bulk information for your company. These companies have proven their value in the past, are trustworthy and deliver high quality translations. If you are in need of some small and quick Italian translations such as newsletters, social media posts or advertisements we can provide this as well.

Italian customer service

One of the few actual contact moments with your final customer is with customer service. This should be organized well and with a lot of enthusiasm to satisfy your customers in the best way possible. We support and organize the Italian customer service for you with our business consultancy for expansion to Italy. From replying to social media messages to phone calls and emails, all in Italian naturally.

Customer support business expansion

Your benefits

Consultancy market entry strategies

Experienced consultancy

Inside market entry information

Inside market information

Customized expansion services

Customized services

Save time and money market entry

Save time & money

Consultancy market entry strategies

One account manager

Take off now with a smooth and successful market entry to Italy, don’t risk making awkward mistakes that can be prevented. We know how the business in Italy is working. Why not let us help you with our international consultancy?

Don't miss this opportunity and start today!